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disburse. now some of those occupied protesters did leave and the majority did not. they arrested 2 dozen occupied protesters taking them to police headquarters and charging them. >> some people did get arrested for illegal lodging. >> reporter: they then cleared the tents from the sites and there are signs around the occupied sites advising protesters where to pick up their belongings now in the last 20 minutes we were there with a pair of occupied protesters who say this was a legal protest and they made arrests for free speech. you can see in the last few minutes those two occupied protesters are growing to a half dozen or so.
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coming up, we will tell you what they are saying about returning to this site at the foot of market here in san francisco. for now christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. a stolen ipad sparked a widespread chase near a coffee shop near fillimore and sacramento streets. the ended at the corner of haze and beau canon. the suspect grabbed a woman's ipad. during the police chase the suspect slammed into several cars including a minivan seriously injuring that driver with flying debris. >> it was heartbreaking and sad to see this go on in the community. >> now the boy is expected to make a full recovery. three people were arrested and police insist they did not
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overreact to a stolen backpack. they say the city has been hit hard. a man was found shot to death inside a car. they were called to the district shortly after 6:30. they found a young man in a car who had been shot multiple times. so far there is no word of any motives or arrests. it appears the victim was targeted. 4:32 is the time right now and a man is in police custody after walking into a san jose law office with a handgun. it happened at 5:45 yesterday evening. the man was barricaded inside for two hours until police convinced him to come out. so far no excuse for his actions. they are holding a safety march into response to the
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rising crime in the city and that begins with a rally and march up and down south street. organizers want the city to know they want something done and they will work with police to increase patrols. in antioch, some parents were upset they were not notified about a student who brought a weapon to school. the principal sent out letters saying a boy reportedly a 5th grader, threatened to hurt them. he was reportedly carrying an air pistol and letters did not go out in this week. two lawmakers are calling for an over state hearing on the chevron refinery fire. last month it sent thousands to the hospital and a state spokesperson said more need to be done to ensure this does not happen again. meantime chevron issued an
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alert to other refineries about the pipe failure that caused that fire. in other election news, mitt romney and president barack obama headed to the battleground state. they will speak at a campaign rally and they are expected to speak before the october 15th deadline. they will meet with veterans in springfield. recent polls shows it leads mitt romney in virginia. u.s. soldiers all around the world are taking a break. coming up, special training they will have to participate instead as the military tries to curb a disturbing trend. >> soming up, the regular referees are coming back. the agreement includes a retirement plan and regular officials will begin with tonight's game between cleveland and baltimore after replacement referees blue a
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call between seattle seahawks and green bay packers. now while one is resolved, the other continues. the nhl lock out could last for months. they have set up a negotiating meeting and it relies on hockey for their business. and they reported up to a 50% jump in business on game nights. now 4:35, let's check in with sal with for a look at traffic. if you are off to a doesn't start, -- decent start, now is the time to do it. you can see traffic here looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze and no major problems if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, at the bay bridge toll plaza. they were doing work in this
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area near the 580 mcarthur change and in fact it may be gone earlier than it was supposed to be. if you are driving downtown 280 that looks good, 4:36 let's go to steve. a lot of fog out there again, yesterday cooled down, a little warmer inland, it looks to be further on the deck, upper 40s to 50s. 48 santa rosa, napa, san francisco 52 and redwood city 52 as well. it was about 18 to 20 and travis could cool down and it did get cooler yesterday, we still have a component of a sea breeze and this key is this low sitting here and waiting for the high pressure to build. so a little warmer, especially
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east bay and it seems to take the brunt so far in this pattern for three or four months. there are signs if the coast does not clear that fog will get squashed. fog, sun, cool for some and others. mainly towards the east bay and other inland areas. 90 antioch, 59 pacifica. 78 san jose, 78 concord. no big changes friday and we warm up saturday. inland temperatures look like they will jump into the 90 s and maybe 80s by monday, pam. time now 438, a mid-air flight between flight attend dan -- flight attendants . and the surprising affects of ripple affects for earthquakes
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and what could happen around the globe. i will have more on your bay area commute and your bay area weather, stay tuned. ñçbñ
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. a fight between 2 flight attendant dance, officials say the pilot radioed about a possible assault. when the flight landed, police determined one flight attendant accidentally brushed up against another. now officers say the confrontation did not get physical. two more major american banks are confirming a cyber attack warning. u.s. bank and pnc customers had trouble accessing the sites and
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experiencing delays. they are talking about bank of america and chase websites and this will continue until the film making fun of the profit mohammed is discontinued. each of the 21 protesters will receive $30,000 and a written apology from the school. university will pay 250,000 to the plaintiff's attorneys. they are promising to work with civil liberty groups for police response tactics in the future. they are taking part in a suicide prevention training. it is meant to educate troops as the military struggles to control soldier suicides. the army is the only branch conducting the training. it is mandatory for other
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soldiers except for those in combat and medical duty. they have been arrested. according to the times, he was arrested tuesday morning. he has been on the force for six years and is currently on administrative leave pending the investigation. so far no charges have been filed in the case. the 11-year-old was shot in and is back home. he was released from the hospital after undergoing five surgeries. his home was sprayed with bullets last thursday around 1:00 a.m. the 6th grader said he was happy to be out of the hospital but he doesn't want to go home. >> i don't want my kids here no more. >> it is like up bring my son back to the trash right here. >> police don't know why the
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home was targeted. 28-year-old james was arrested at his home yesterday morning. he is accused of having it an inappropriate relationship with a former student. now he has been a 6th grade teacher and coach since 2008. a cal swim coach is suing over claims that the district did not protect her from sexual abuse 18 years ago. two former teachers from the school sexually abused her while she was a student there. the principal and other administrators did not protect her even though other students complained before she was abused. >> they chose not to do anything, they could have stopped it and created a culture of safety for the students and instead they turned the other way. >> she said she reported the
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abuse two years ago after experiencing flash backs and night mayors. her former p.e. teacher is now in jail for 8 years. the other teacher has committed suicide. he has been released from jail without being charged. he was released after care givers reportedly say he tried to kill his 63-year-old girlfriend by giving her bottled water containing chlorine. he said it is something that can cure almost any decease even cancer. >> certainly i didn't intend any harm and vickie knows she was actively participating in this process. >> he said he takes the sun men
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for end that seem what -- end that seem what and heart decease. 100 employees at yosemite park have been tested for thehunter virus. -- hundred virus. hantavirus. >> we will look into the training and where they live... >> 900 cases of hantavirus have been traced to yosemite. a large earthquake in the indian ocean may have had a far reaching affect. it hit indonesia in april and now it may have triggered other earthquakes around the world. they experienced four earthquakes and the latest findings could show after shocks can be triggered
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anywhere in the world not just in the area of the original earthquake. they are bracing for carma getting. they are shul down so crews can remove the remainder of the mow who'll lend -- mull who'll lend bridge. they spend 150,000 dollars getting the word out about the shut down. >> they just don't have a sal castaneda down there. >> that is true they don't have me but they even have signs about that in the bay area, pam. >> well a lot of people head up and down the state so it is a big deal. >> yes, so we are doing our part. let's take a look at the commute now. down in southern california, if i were a traffic reporter, i would be saying here on the 80 getting down to the 580, but we
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don't do that. it is looking good driving out to the mcarthur mace and the bay -- mcarthur maze and bay bridge and no major problems into san francisco. all the way through caster valley it is a nice looking drive and northbound 101 is off to a good start. 4:48 let's go to steve. it sure looks like inland temperatures want to warm up. the coast -- it is out on e.g and steve it has been so cold. there are signs. i am a little reluctant to go with it. inland temperatures will warm up and i tell you, it is tough to get everybody in on the warmup and so far that is not
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happening. we still have a westerly component, there is a sign high pressure is building and we have plus four around 2000 feet. a little low, high pressure continues to build into oregon and that will build late friday into saturday. today morning fog, thick as thieves. it will be warmer inland, some of that as high pressure noses in. it will be hot, some of the inland locations could be close to 90 degrees and we'll see if we can get them to scour out that fog. warmest inland temperatures 70s to 80s to near 90s for others. and we warm it up, saturday it definitely looks like sunday and monday definitely makes it to the coast.
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here is pam. >> it is a gambler's dream come true. they are offering a refund. and there is a new way to scoot around town for just a few dollars.
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. welcome back, one las vegas casino is offering refunds that ended with that controversial touchdown call monday night. the owner said anybody who bet and lost money on that game can get a refund before sunday. the seattle sea hawk drive was driving under the influence and scheduled to appear in court for a hearing. it happened back in july after he was spotted we having in and out of his land and almost hit two cars. he was the second all time career rusher. he signed a $34 million contract with them. a driver hit and killed two people. in court we learned the teen was going 72 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone when he drove up on the sidewalk killing a man and his nine-year- old daughter. it happened six months ago in
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concord. yesterday, the driver pled guilty to vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving. >> i just want justice for my daughter and the family and it's very upsetting losing two loved ones. >> after his guilty plea he was immediately taken into custody and could be held in juvenile detention until 21. they are stating a new phase of replacing street lights. by the end of the year, they will replace the lights and next time it expands to palo alto avenue. people living on treasure island have endured 30 power outages so far this year. according to the utility commission the average blackout
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lasted for four hours. in at least one case power was restored to one part of the island in about an hour where a special event was taking place but residents had to sit in the dark for hours. you can now rent a scooter in san francisco. scoot networks introduced the first network and users can sign up and rent them for $5 an hour or $10 a day. you need something south of market locations but scoot has plans to expand. >> let's check back in with sal for traffic. good morning, pam, traffic is moving well around the bay area and we will look at the live pictures, traffic is looking good getting into san francisco but it looks nice
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along the bay so all the lanes are open. there are no problems through 580 if you are traveling on oakland. those freeways are off to a good start, let's go to steve. good morning, we have some thick fog coast and bay. i tell you, there is a lot of fog this time of year. clouds could wrap up spinning a few high clouds overall sunny to mostly sunny except by the coast, it will be a tall order there. redwood city, same in san rafael, a little warmer, concord 53, west southwest and there is a little low right there. couple of the systems moving out, high pressure is showing every sign of building into oregon so if it does, then the
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fog will clear out. inland temperatures will warmup. 90s to near 100 degrees and the coast will be the key. if they do, get in on the warmup as well. warmer inland mainly towards the east bay, well inland locations. near 90 degrees, incredible differences, no big changes, we start to warm up and we can always endure warm to hot, inland 100 degrees, the coast 70s and 80s. >> ing up. referees are coming back, how the deal was reacted to by local players. also busted up overnight, the charges these protesters face after facing off against police, we will have more on that coming up.
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. new developments involving
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those bold armed robbers who burst into a local safe way. plus the high speed rail, the new improvement that is good for commuters and good for the environment. that is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, we are ready, it is a thursday, september 27th, i am dave clark. >> thank you for waking up with us. steve paulson is here. >> how is weather. >> well, it is colorful for some and not for others. we have some thick fog around the bay. a lot of 60s and 70s close to the west. we look good getting

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